¿Por qué aprender un idioma?

We are convinced that languages, nowadays, are an indispensable tool in enabling us to communicate with other people, to travel, to work and to be world citizens  When it comes to learning a language, at Guadalmina Idiomas, we consider it a priority for our students to develop communicative and verbal skills as well as reading comprehension as quickly as possible. For this reason we have a team of teaching professionals, all graduates and native or bilingual speakers who are both highly skilled and personable. Our Spanish courses are adapted to all needs and ability levels: we have private lessons, semi-private classes, weekly courses, semi intensive and intensive, adapting each option to the different demands of our students. All members of the Guadalmina Idiomas team  are focussed on  fulfilling our mission, maintaining  constant contact with families and students in a totally personalized way so that we achieve our objectives in the best possible way and in the shortest time possible. 



Our teaching methodology for all courses and languages ​​is based on a communicative, task based approach which incorporates all of the linguistic skills necessary for the comprehension of and communication in the target language; listening, speaking,reading and writing. This method enables students to achieve communicative and linguistic competencies in line with their objectives, needs and profile. The use of only Spanish in the classroom is key to ensuring that students experience total immersion in the target language from the outset. Our materials and educational resources are varied, enabling students to work on improving both written and oral communication in both the classroom and at home. The daily natural interactions between students and teachers,  both inside and outside the classroom, creates the perfect environment to learn Spanish. All tasks and activities are student centred and they are encouraged to communicate and soleve all problems through Spanish wherever and whenever possible. All courses  are based on indivual modules which contain appropriate objectives and content  for levels A1 to C2.


“We follow the guidelines for the differentiation of levels of the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for languages), although we go further and we break down each level for better learning Level A1 (Access)


The user exchanges information with brief questions and answers, within a clear and concrete communicative context.


By completing this level, I would be prepared to do the DELE A1


Level A2 (Platform)


The user understands, relates and expresses himself / herself in spoken and written Spanish, using simple language in everyday situations and cultural aspects.


By completing this level, I would be prepared to do the DELE A2


Level B1 (Threshold)


The user understands and is able to communicate in communicative contexts of their routine environment, knowing how to solve problems on their own.


By completing this level, I would be prepared to do the DELE B1


Level B2 (Advanced)


The user understands and expresses himself in general situations where there is an exchange of information. Express personal attitudes about topics that are familiar or of interest and talk about experiences.


By completing this level, I would be prepared to do the DELE B2


Level C1 (Effective operational domain)


The user understands and expresses himself in multiple situations with complex linguistic structures – still controlled -, fluidity and spontaneity.


By completing this level, I would be prepared to do the DELE C1


Level C2 (Master)


The user expresses himself in an appropriate way in any situation, mastering linguistic and cultural elements of a native speaker and knowing how to distinguish nuances of meaning.


By completing this level, I would be ready to do the DELE C2




The inclusion of a student in a level depends on the result of the level test that is done on the day of arrival.


Our schedule establishes the progression in the number of teaching hours as follows: A1 Access: 60 hours. A2 Platform: 90 hours. B1 Threshold: 120 hours. B2 Advanced: 150 hours. C1 Domain: 180 hours. C2 Mastery: 180 hours +. “